callncall microsoft teams
callncall microsoft teams

Calncall clubs with Microsoft Teams!

Offers Cut-rate Unlimited Unified Business Communication!
The recent pandemic wave has pushed the global workforce indoors and there has been a considerable increase in cloud communication consumption. The alliance of Calncall with Microsoft Teams has been rightly timed and has helped our customer organisations to cope with this bumpy transition by empowering them to keep their business communication robust and at the lowest cost. Calncall provides premium SBCs (Session Border Controller) that securely connect Teams apps to the SIP Trunks (Session initiation protocol). This development has enhanced the capabilities of business phone system with a strong focus on delivering a great user experience at low cost. The on-demand solution reaches the users with greatly simplified set-up process.

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Check out the ground-breaking features that meet the sophisticated requirements of your business:

Scalability: We know that your business grows every day and you can scale up according to your future expansions without any trouble.

Dedicated DID numbers: What if your customers are already familiar with your number and you do not want to change? Keep your numbers with you. Number porting can be done just at the snap of your finger.

Additional Numbers: Get multiple additional numbers. Make easy online purchases with just a few clicks.

Interoperability: Reduces multivendor incompatibilities

Interworking: Enables interworking between various protocols.

High Availability: SBCs route sessions across network interfaces to warrant high availability.

Fail-over solution: With our SBCs you can manage disruptions effectively, even at rough situations.

Compatibility: Works on all platforms and softphones enabling hassle-free communication at the fullest capacity in cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Make inbound and outbound calls from anywhere.
  • Chat or group-chat instantly and respond quickly to your customers and colleagues.
  • Swap between voice and video calls or elevate a voice call to a video call.
  • Crystal clear video-conferencing. Schedule meetings.
  • Easy connectivity and effective collaboration.
  • Share files and documents in real-time.
  • Customise third-party tools.
  • Time Saver. Create a faster workspace.
  • Increased productivity.

Calncall has a vast and expert experience in delivering multiple models of SBCs for more than a decade now for prominent business-houses. The appliances have undergone third-party testing and have been certified for being highly operational even in challenging circumstances.

Click Cloud SBC Subscription for MS Teams ( for a wide-range of subscription plans.

Introductory Lines

Big cost savings! Calncall aligns with Microsoft Teams to supercharge your global communication with free inbound calls, lowest per minute charges for outbound calls, easy number porting, smooth inter-operability and more. Use a mobile or web portal for a seamless interaction with your clients and employees from anywhere. Make use of the incredible features and increase your ROI.


mrvoip 3cx zohodesk
mrvoip 3cx zohodesk

Mr.VoIP fixes an automatic support operator by integrating 3CX with Zohodesk

Mr.VoIP has capacitated a major upgrade by integrating 3CX with Zohodesk. Because of the integration, the contacts found in CRM and 3CX will automatically be combined and the user will be able to handle the contacts without searching for data separately in different platforms. When a call lands in from a customer, it is automatically checked in the existing contact list and if the contact is not found then the customer’s contact details will be automatically created. This automatic creation enables to save time, improve agent’s productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

There is an additional advantage attached to the automation. Whenever there is a call from the existing customer, there will an automatic screen pop-up displaying all the information about the customer interaction. This feature makes it easy for the user to comprehend the customer behavior pattern and to identify the glitches quickly.

Contact Creation & Screen pop-up

There is still more to this. Now you can offer round-the-clock support to your customer which is fully automated. What it means is that tickets will be created automatically when a call lands in and during the call ring time itself.

“The Mr.VoIP facilitated integration redefines customer service by providing a timely support which is most crucial in a business” stated Manikandan Chockalingam, Founder – Cal4Care Group

The customer rises a ticket when they are not able to find a solution to a problem and this frequently occurs when they visit your website or interacting with the product. Thanks to the automation, the tickets are created during the call ring time itself. If already the ticket is open then it gets updated in the same ticket or else as a new ticket and is assigned to the agent. It saves time and effort of the user and helps to avoid unfortunate delay in customer service. Now that all the tickets are pulled in one place, it helps in understanding the concerns better and to offer timely and personalized help.

Updated Ticket

Filing call log is an integral part and this is also available in the automated package. All the details about the call and the ticket created is put up against the contact. The date and time of the call, the customer’s number, and the agent’s name to whom the ticket is assigned will be displayed automatically.

Automatic call recording also is available and this also will be posted against the contact information by design. It can be then downloaded and played when there is a need.

Automatic Call log and Call Recording URL

MR.VoIP has simplified the support process through complete automation which aids the user to efficiently resolve the customer issue and see the customer satisfaction skyrocket.


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bitrix24 mrvoip
bitrix24 mrvoip

3CX Integration For Bitrix24 – Automated Contact Creation for Optimised Management

In our latest collaboration with Bitrix24, we have successfully integrated 3CX with Bitrix24 CRM. The integration powers automated creation of new contacts. While the existing contact info gets easily included, the new contacts are created automatically as the user speaks to the customer during the call answer time. This added functionality will enhance contact management and from now on creating and maintaining contacts is quite different from the previous method of creating contacts manually.

The agents can effortlessly update the contact’s information and converse with the customer at ease as the user need not switch between the contact information in 3CX and CRM separately. This will allow the employees to work efficiently and make the customer happier.

What’s more is that, as the agent speaks to the customer there will be a screen pop-up and the customer data will be displayed on the screen as the user begins to chat with the customer. The instant exhibit of information as a screen pop-up is a real time saver. It facilitates the user to have a quick view of the previous customer interactions and makes ready the agent for the present conversation enabling the process of converting the conversation to a deal-seal or providing appropriate resolution efficiently. The screen pop-up has been designed to be more compact and easier on the eye with soothing colour theme and relevant buttons.

Contact Creation and Screen popup

“The integration is aimed at increasing productivity and profitability all the while offering better user experience and enhanced contact management…” said the Founder of Cal4Care Group, Manikandan Chockalingam.

Mr.VoIP enables automated call log creation also. The details of the call will be posted against the Contact’s number after the call automatically. The call time, date, the agent’s name and number, and the call duration will be listed.

Call Details posted against the Contact

The agent can complete the call log fully with the recording path. The call recording Url will be exhibited against the contact’s number automatically. The recording can be then downloaded when required.

Call Recording URL posted in CRM

All the users of Bitrix24 CRM can now get ready to take the customer service to the next level with the integration of 3CX.


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mrvoip sugar crm
mrvoip sugar crm

Sugar CRM Users can now enjoy Surge in Leads Generation with 3CX Integration by Mr.VoIP

Mr.VoIP has always ensured that it not only provides solutions but great solutions which is once again demonstrated in the integration of 3CX for Sugar CRM. It is easy now to add, retrieve, and filter Contacts and Leads without swapping from 3CX to CRM or other devices. Due to the integration, the information of the already existing contacts and leads will be automatically incorporated and when a new lead calls, the number will be automatically established while the user is answering the call. The additional attribute will help gather and manage potential buyer data in one place. This creates customer centric environment for better engagement with potential leads and for building strong purchaser-relationship. 

“The integration facilitates increased lead engagement and retention. The user can now reclaim the hours of repetitive tasks and increase the win rate and the forecasted sales in the pipeline” said Manikandan Chockalingam, Founder – Cal4Care Group. 

We have more to this secure and simplified management of contacts and leads. During the time of call, there will be a screen pop-up with all the details of the customer furnished. As we have made it easy to organise the customer data and conversation, there is no need to go back and check for info. The pop-up option will help the user to quickly understand the customer’s needs and will be able to better explain the issue or take advantage of the lead insights to convert as sales. 

Contact creation and screen pop-up 

The technology also enables automated call log completion. When the user completes the conversation with the customer, the entire detail about the call including the contact’s number, the time and date of the call, call duration, and the agent’s name and number will be displayed against the lead’s number. 

Automatic creation of call logs 

Call recording is vital for businesses and recording and monitoring is prevalent especially in insurance, financial services, hospitality, and retail industries. The benefit being large and varied such as assessing customer satisfaction, agent’s efficiency and improvement of process, call recording is hugely being required and accepted. This feature is also fully automated. The call recording Url also will be automatically exhibited against the lead’s number. The call recording can be downloaded at anytime and be shared as and when needed. 

Call Recording url posted against the Lead 

The users of Sugar CRM can now take advantage and benefit from the enhancements for refined performance and optimised ability to boost sales and productivity.


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mrvoip wbrtc
mrvoip wbrtc

Introducing Mr.VoIP’s Advanced WebRTC Dialer – Personalise Your Business Communication

Mr.VoIP, a trademark for innovation, presents WebRTC dialer, an industry-leading open sourced venture for realtime media communication. The dialer offers high availability and a global reach and the technology allows the business houses to increase their scope, improve the productivity and upswing the quality of customer service.

The dialer is wrapped with simple API for rapid scalability and can be used in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others. Now you can start a voice or video conversation from the browser and do screen sharing with crystal-clear quality and almost no interruption. The dialer creates more efficiency for the end user especially during a web conference, as all the participants can enjoy high quality voice, video and screen-sharing and can carry-on with a spontaneous work-flow with less interruptions.

We are a great-way advanced from other providers that we connect the WebRTC dialler through SIP and it can be easily integrated with all types of PBX and CRMs and exclusively with 3CX PBX, Cal4Care CMS, mConnect Omnichannel and other latest technological platforms. The innovative technology helps to merge VoIP and the web. The flexibility of the new technology enables access to microphones, cameras and computer screens on devices. It is compatible on apple and android mobiles and you can carry your conversation with you, wherever you go, without depending on your mobile network coverage.

“When you choose Mr.VoIP’s WebRTC dialer, you are deciding on a constantly developing innovative technology and will continue to enjoy high quality business conversations…” said, Manikandan Chockalingam, the Founder of Cal4Care Groups.

New WebRTC dialler for 3CX. Dial from your browser or CRM
WebRTC is a huge cost-saver for all types of business and is a big plus for call centers. It does not require any extra-investment or maintenance and can be easily integrated without any additional plugins or apps. As making and taking calls has become a browser function, it makes it easy to connect with customers and co-staff securely and globally without paying a single penny. You can provide personalised and fast customer support through mobile app or website via video consulting and also offer omnichannel support. You can quickly respond to requests, share info and conduct surveys in the customer’s preferred channel, all the while protecting your client’s privacy. The dialler helps to increase the productivity of your agents by switching over from video to voice calls without switching over devices. To put it simple, get supreme call quality while making business calls without breaking your bank anymore.


We develop any customized solution to fit your business needs