Automate Call Flows.

Save time and boost customer satisfaction with automatic call flows. 

call flow designer

Automate call handling with the Call Flow Designer

Easily create automatic call flows with the Call Flow Designer. This will save your agents time as well as improve customer experience as they will immediately be connected to the right person.  

With an easy-to-use interface, no programming or scripting is required. With drag and drop, complex call flows and voice applications are created visually.  

You can setup rules for call routing based on the time of day, customer type and reason of calling, ensuring that no call is missed and customers always receive the best experience. Additionally, authentication and credit card components ensure that security and privacy are taken care of. 

call flow blocks cfd

Pre-loaded building blocks

The Call Flow designer includes read-to-use building blocks for you to easily and effectively build your voice apps and call flows. 

Call flows you can build

Call flows are an important aspect for any call center. Below are some examples of the call flows you can build yourself. 

custom crm - call center

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