On-the-spot Customer Feedback.

Customers rate your agents on-the-spot with our Agent Rating Software. 

customer feedback

Give your customers a voice with Agent Rating Software

Bad news travels fast. The same goes for bad experiences. If a customer leaves your call center not satisfied, they’re going to talk about it. They’ll vent on their social media accounts and unfortunately for you, the word’s out. 

Why not give them the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction directly to you? Firstly, you can make amends of the situation and secondly you save your business’ reputation.  

With Mr VoIP’s agent rating software, you’re giving your customers a platform to express their feedback in regards to their experience with your call center. This feedback is valuable for you to be able to praise agents that are high performers and discover areas in which you need to improve in. 

Our agent rating software sends daily, weekly or monthly reports straight to your inbox allowing you to remain on top of situations and ensure customer satisfaction. 

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