Your Call Center. Customized for your Business.

Customize your 3CX Call Center with Mr. VoIP’s tools. 

customized call center

Your Contact Center, how you want it. 3CX Call Center Customization

Out-of-the-box solutions may be easy to manage and tick most boxes for most businesses. You’re not most businesses. Your business has its unique needs and requires a customized solution for its call center.  

Contact center customization — from changing the agent interface to building custom wallboards or integrating systems — has, historically, been a tedious task. Reason being that you are required to work with complex and inflexible tools that demand IT knowledge or development. As a result, your business becomes less agile towards customer needs and behavior. 

This is where Mr. VoIP comes in. We create customized call centers for every kind of businesses. Designed and developed to meet YOUR business’ unique needs. Our solutions, combined with 3CX’s call center software, provide your business with an easy to manage, future-proof customized call center solution.  

extension management

Manage Extensions and Contacts from One Place

Add, edit and delete extensions from one single interface. Your CRM, PBX and telephone directory are all updated automatically using our custom-built HTTP API. Learn more >

custom softphone

Your Softphone on any device or OS

Gone are the limitations of where and how you can use your softphone. Our custom softphone app allows you to use your extension from any device and on any OS. Learn more >

call recording

Easily Access your Call Recordings in your CRM

Save copies of your call recordings directly into your CRM. Our 3CX HTTP API enables you to manage your call data and offers further configuration on your 3CX system. Learn more >

agent rating

Give your customers a voice with an Agent Rating System

Swift responses and damage control are vital when it comes to customer service. Allow your customers to express any dissatisfaction with our agent rating app. Learn more >

cti webrtc

Easy Communications from your CRM or browser

With the use of CTI and WebRTC technology you can dial numbers and log calls directly within your CRM or even allow your agents and/or customers to communicate via their browser. Learn more >

billing solution

One stop shop for communications and accounting

Get a customized billing solution and integrate it with your communications system to ensure efficient reporting on billing, collections and revenue. Learn more >

custom wallboard

Display the data you choose with a customized wallboard

Whether you want to display call data, CRM statistics, videos or team performance the choice is entirely yours. With our customized solution you choose what to display on your wallboard. Learn more >

predictive dialer

Boost customer response rates with a predictive dialler

Reduce downtime and leverage your sales team with our predictive dialler. Agents no longer have to dial numbers manually and numbers are cross checked with internal whitelist and blacklist data. Learn more >

custom integration management

Which CRM are you using? We'll integrate it

Whether you're using a popular, widely-used CRM or in-house software with our custom CRM solution we guarantee a seamless integration with your 3CX system. Learn more >

custom reporting

Know what’s happening with custom reports

Managing a call center is not easy. You need all the data you can get to make the right decision at the right time. With custom reports that data will arrive in your inbox as and when you choose. Learn more >

call flow designer

Ensure your calls go to the right place with the CFD

Easily create complex call flows with the 3CX Call Flow Designer. No programming knowledge required just drag and drop. Learn more >

predictive dialer

Dial from your CRM with the WebRTC dialler

With the WebRTC embedded dialler add-on for Odoo CRM you can make and receive calls from your Odoo interface with a built-in dialler. Learn more >

call and video

Call and Video from your browser or CRM with CTI & WebRTC

Manage calls and attend and organize web conferences directly from your browser or CRM by implementing CTI & WebRTC technology into your communications mix. Learn more >

Need further call center customization?

We offer any kind of custom development to meet your needs and requirements.