Merge PBX, CRM and Phonebook Entries.

Update all contacts in one go with our HTTP API. 

merge pbx crm phonebook

Manage PBX Extensions and Contacts from One Place

With Mr. VoIP’s HTTP API we make it super easy for you to manage your PBX extensions from one central dashboard. You no longer have to do multiple manual updates. Your CRM, telephone directory and PBX are automatically updated whenever a change is made. 

 This powerful feature allows users to access our services by utilizing resource-based URLs, status codes, methods (POST, DELETE, etc.), and JSON for requests and responses. Hence, making it easy to use HTTP clients in your backend for a powerful API interaction. 

With our 3CX HTTP API you can add, edit and delete accounts of your PBX extensions. You can create, edit and manage PBX extensions on our console and send manual links, configuration files, and voice mail PINs. You can use the softphone to modify auto-generated credentials and keep your customer records up-to-date. 

secure wbrtc

Customize each user account to meet the unique needs of your PBX extensionsWhen organizing a web conference, you can create a unique meeting room name and your participants can have a personalized inbound call number or 3CX web meeting linkIt’s simple, effective and less timeconsuming. 

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