Day: January 10, 2022

download mconnect app
download mconnect app

mConnect Wallboards for Real-time Metrics and Current Data Displays!

The Ultimate Visual Tool for Call Centers!
Customize your 3CX Wallboard with mconnect!
mConnect Wallboards for Real-time Metrics and Current Data Displays!

Managing your call queues and monitoring the performance of your agents have never been this easy. Gone are the days of whiteboard and spreadsheet calculation. Don’t wait till the end of the month to take a decision. Get to know what is happening in the Queue while it is happening and take immediate action.

mConnect’s Customised Wallboards that come loaded with revolutionary features are a good buy to have a quick look at the metrics of the moment.

Customised Features:

  • Track Calls
  • Transfer
  • Listen
  • Whisper
  • Barge in

How can Customised Wallboards help your business?

Track the calls in Queue:

The number of calls waiting in a queue, the name of the queue and the number of the queue will be displayed for anytime view. When there is an inbound call, there are options for the admin/manager or the concerned authority to listen, whisper, barge-in or transfer the call.


You can listen to what the agent and customer are talking without their knowledge. Helps to assess the skill and performance level of the agent; the customer’s expectations and the purchase pattern.


You can talk with the agent without the customer knowing about it, while listening to both of them. Lend a timely help to solve the issue or close the sales.

Barge in!

Just barge-in into the conversation that is happening between the agent and the customer. Not at all rude when it comes to saving your business or sales. Maybe, your agent is sincere but lacks some skill. Help him to get through with the angry customer who is upset about a complicated product failure. Take control of the situation to straighten out issues and your customer would be only happy about that additional attention and assistance.


A great time-saver. Is your customer very angry or upset with an unexpected problem? Transfer the calls quickly to an agent with the appropriate skill-set. Timely support surely calms the customer. Quick transfer the enquiries to the sales team for instant conversion.

In a conversation, Manikandan Chockalingam, Founder, Cal4Care Group, mentioned that, “mConnect customised wallboards are designed to create a strong link between expert agents, enhanced productivity, happy customers and profit.”

Key Benefits

  1. Colourful and dynamic wallboards
  2. Tailor-made to suit your budget.
  3. Route the waiting calls to agents who are available.
  4. Find reasons for abandoned calls and for the “calls-waiting” for a long time.
  5. Motivate agents to answer more calls.
  6. Device strategies instantly to improve the business operation.

Get dynamic data for instant decision-making!

Introductory Lines:

Why so many calls are going abandoned? Are the “calls-waiting” turning away your customers? Why your agent couldn’t make it to the end of the purchase cycle? Do you think a little extra help at the right time could have resulted in closing the sales? Why don’t we save the customer’s time by transferring calls instantly? How can you increase the ROI? Are your agents putting out their best? Find solutions for all this and more through mConnect’s Customised Wallboard. Boost production, Track calls, Whisper, Bargein, Listen, Transfer and more.

We develop customizations for your business needs


callncall microsoft teams
callncall microsoft teams

Calncall clubs with Microsoft Teams!

Offers Cut-rate Unlimited Unified Business Communication!
The recent pandemic wave has pushed the global workforce indoors and there has been a considerable increase in cloud communication consumption. The alliance of Calncall with Microsoft Teams has been rightly timed and has helped our customer organisations to cope with this bumpy transition by empowering them to keep their business communication robust and at the lowest cost. Calncall provides premium SBCs (Session Border Controller) that securely connect Teams apps to the SIP Trunks (Session initiation protocol). This development has enhanced the capabilities of business phone system with a strong focus on delivering a great user experience at low cost. The on-demand solution reaches the users with greatly simplified set-up process.

We develop customizations for your business needs

Check out the ground-breaking features that meet the sophisticated requirements of your business:

Scalability: We know that your business grows every day and you can scale up according to your future expansions without any trouble.

Dedicated DID numbers: What if your customers are already familiar with your number and you do not want to change? Keep your numbers with you. Number porting can be done just at the snap of your finger.

Additional Numbers: Get multiple additional numbers. Make easy online purchases with just a few clicks.

Interoperability: Reduces multivendor incompatibilities

Interworking: Enables interworking between various protocols.

High Availability: SBCs route sessions across network interfaces to warrant high availability.

Fail-over solution: With our SBCs you can manage disruptions effectively, even at rough situations.

Compatibility: Works on all platforms and softphones enabling hassle-free communication at the fullest capacity in cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Make inbound and outbound calls from anywhere.
  • Chat or group-chat instantly and respond quickly to your customers and colleagues.
  • Swap between voice and video calls or elevate a voice call to a video call.
  • Crystal clear video-conferencing. Schedule meetings.
  • Easy connectivity and effective collaboration.
  • Share files and documents in real-time.
  • Customise third-party tools.
  • Time Saver. Create a faster workspace.
  • Increased productivity.

Calncall has a vast and expert experience in delivering multiple models of SBCs for more than a decade now for prominent business-houses. The appliances have undergone third-party testing and have been certified for being highly operational even in challenging circumstances.

Click Cloud SBC Subscription for MS Teams ( for a wide-range of subscription plans.

Introductory Lines

Big cost savings! Calncall aligns with Microsoft Teams to supercharge your global communication with free inbound calls, lowest per minute charges for outbound calls, easy number porting, smooth inter-operability and more. Use a mobile or web portal for a seamless interaction with your clients and employees from anywhere. Make use of the incredible features and increase your ROI.