One stop shop. Billing software and call center

Save time. Combine your Call Center and Billing Software

Do you also feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? You’re constantly rushing from one task to the next and have this nagging feeling that you’ve done nothing? You’re not alone. One easy way to start saving time in by merging your billing software and call center into a single platform.

One stop solution. Billing software & Call Center

Save time and make management easier by having one interface to log into and one solution to maintain and manage. Merge your billing software with your PBX and forget about logging into various systems each day.

Get all the reports you need from your billing software; BI reports, alerts & notifications, dynamic routing and more all in one powerful system.

Issue purchase orders, invoices and delivery orders from a centralized system. Whether your billing process is simple and straightforward or complex, Mr. VoIP’s billing software provides an all-inclusive solution for any industry.

Our billing software is flexible and allows for complete customization to accommodate any billing or accounting process. We will design a customized solution for you to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your in-house system.

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One System for Billing and Calling.

All your business needs in one place with our billing solution. 

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One stop shop. Your PBX and Billing Software in one.

One interface, one software, one less thing to maintain. By integrating your billing software with your PBX, you no longer have to login to different systems numerous times a day. You have everything you need from BI reports, to alerts & notifications to dynamic routing and more all in one powerful system. 

Issue important purchase orders, invoices and delivery orders for your customers with a few clicks of the mouse. From the simplest to the most complex billing process, our billing software provides an all-inclusive solution for any industry. 

The built-in flexibility of our billing software allows for complete customization of any billing or accounting process to fit your business needs. 

However simple or complex your setup may be, we will design a flexible and customized solution for you to seamlessly integrate with the rest of your in-house system. 

Streamline your billing process and enable a single-point integrated billing system. 

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