Automatic call handling with call flow apps

Call Flow Apps. Easy, automatic call handling

No one likes waiting for their call to be answered or being left on hold for too long. And when this happens to your customers, there’s a big chance that you’ve just lost them. An easy way to avoid this? Use a call flow app to automate call handling.

Boost customer satisfaction

Call flow apps can help you boost your customer satisfaction rates. Instead of wasting their time talking to one agent after the other, allow them to easily choose the department or agent they need to talk to by pressing numbers on their keypad. An additional perk to this is that it will also save your agents time and as a result increase their productivity.

Easy to build call-flows. No programming required.

Mr. VoIP’s call flow app comes pre-loaded with ready-to-use building blocks. This enables you to visually build your voice apps and call flows without the need for any programming knowledge. Just drag and drop – it really is child’s play.

Some example call flows you can build yourself:

  • Route calls based on time of day
  • Direct calls based on customer input
  • Validate customer data against a database
  • Call surveys
  • Implement a Voice Payment gateway
  • Call-back scheduler
  • Enhanced HTTP API Voice
  • Automatic outbound dialler – call numbers and distribute to agents
  • 3CX Monitor and app designer add-ons

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