Customiz your 3CX Wallboard with Mr. VoIP

Customize your 3CX Wallboard with Mr. VoIP – Video

No two call centers are the same. Even if these call centers are in the same organization – they’ll still not be the same. Therefore, how can it be expected that they need to view the same data and information on their wallboards. It simply will not work.

This is where Mr. VoIP comes in as a 3CX add-on and can help you fully customize your 3CX Wallboard. From viewing agent, call, and queue status to wrap-up codes and more granular details for each department Mr. VoIP can help you set up a wallboard that truly works for you.

Watch the video to see some of the many advanced wallboard options we offer.

Also, take a look at our Do’s & Don’ts guide for Call Center Wallboards to make sure your wallboard is working in your favour and not against you.


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