Free 3CX APIS by Mr. VoIP
Free 3CX APIS by Mr. VoIP

Forever Free 3CX APIs by Mr. VoIP 

3CX APIs allow you to further customize your 3CX installation to better suit your business. Whether that’s a specific feature or even an integration with an existing system or app, customizing your 3CX will just make it work better for you.

Without in-house development, it’s pretty hard to get reliable APIs for your 3CX installation that don’t require paying a ridiculous amount of money.
Free APIs for 3CX Customers & Resellers

The great news is that we at Mr. VoIP know how important some APIs are for your communications needs and we’ve made them free for you, forever.

  • Make Call
  • Pickup Call
  • Start Call Record
  • Drop Call
  • Add Agent
  • Query Extension
  • Add Queue
  • Update Queue
  • Delete Queue
  • Change Recording Status
  • Disable External Call

It’s super easy and requires no upfront commitment. Simply fill in the form and you’ll receive an email with instructions on setting up and configuring your APIs.

We develop customizations for your business needs