Access your 3CX Wallboard from Salesforce with Mr. VoIP tools

Easier Call & Queue Monitoring with a Salesforce Wallboard 

For all our partners and users who are using Salesforce as their CRM we’ve got an announcement to make!

You can now view your call center wallboard directly from your Salesforce dashboard. This new feature makes monitoring your team and calls just that much efficient. It also makes it easier for agents to stay informed and keep track of their overall performance.

View your call center wallboard from within your Salesforce CRM with Mr VoIP's Salesforce integration

What’s included: 

All data and information are displayed in real time and includes: 

  • Inbound queue calls 
  • Total number of calls made 
  • Calls in waiting 
  • Answered and abandoned calls 
  • Available and busy agents 
  • Talk time 
  • Average waiting & handling time 

Why use a Wallboard

Wallboards are vital for any call center. They allow you to make fast decisions based on real-time data, monitor SLAs, boost agents’ performance and increase team motivations. It enables the overall operations to work more smoothly and efficiently.

Having your wallboard accessible from within your Salesforce CRM just makes your life that much easier as data is accessible with the click of a button. Check out all the features our Salesforce integration has to offer.

Read more about the benefits and do’s and don’ts of your call center wallboard in our recent post.

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