Custom Wallboard Samples

Having a customized wallboard is essential for any call center to be able to measure KPIs, SLAs and the overall team performance. Below are a few samples of how Mr. VoIP’s wallboard customization tool can do this.

Agent Wallboard

Advanced Wallboard 1

Advanced Wallboard 2

Advanced Wallboard 3

Advanced Wallboard 4

Outbound Wallboard

3CX – Real – Time Dashboard

The table below indicates the basic real-time monitoring parameters in a ACD Dashboard. 

  • The parameters highlighted in Orange are missing from the 3CX dashboard. 
  • Without these fields, monitoring/measuring the call center’s performance is challenging and time-consuming as the recovery of lost KPIs becomes a tedious process. 
  • The alternate solution would be to export the raw data from 3CX often, and populate it into an excel template to view the call center’s performance – not an ideal solution. 

Or you can use Mr. VoIP’s wallboard customization tool and have the data exported for you with all parameters included. 

Real – Time – Calculation / Definitions

Field Name Display Format Calculation / Definitions
Skill NameTextName of the Queue/Skill
Calls In QueueNumericTotal Number Of Calls in Queue
Oldest Q Call[HH:MM:SS]Total time that this call is in queue
Agent StaffedNumericTotal Agents Logged
Staff AvailableNumericTotal Agents ready to answer calls
Staff on ACDNumericTotal Agents on call
Offered CallsNumericTotal Calls Offered
ACD CallsNumericTotal Calls Answered
Service Level%Calls Answered in SL Threshold / (Calls Offered – Abandoned with in SL Threshold)
ACD Calls in SLNumericTotal Calls Answered within Threshold
Aban CallsNumericTotal Calls abandoned after coming to queue
ACD Calls in SLNumericTotal Calls Answered within Threshold
Aban Calls out of SLNumericTotal Number of calls abandoned after coming defined Seconds

Real-Time Monitoring View using Mr. VoIP (Sample)

Country Calls In QueueStaff AvailStaff on ACD Agent StaffedOffered Call ACD Calls SL % 70:30 ACD Calls in SL Total Abondoned Calls Abondoned >30 seconds Avg. Talk Avg. Handle Time
Summary 220241100%3001212
Queue / Skill 1110111100%2001212
Queue / Skill 2110111100%1001212

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