Zoho and 3CX Integration

Seamlessly integrate Zoho with your 3CX call center

Transform your Zoho into
a communications hub

Integrate your Zoho with 3CX’s call center using Mr. VoIP tools. As a result, you will see a boost in agent productivity, better time utilization and higher customer satisfaction rates. Enable your agents to manage their calls and automate tedious admin tasks from one centralized location.

Auto-Call Management & Logging, Journals & Contacts

Allow your agents to focus on what matters most to your business – your customers. With automatic call and contact management and synchronization as well as the ability to add follow-up actions at the end of a call, your agents will no longer waste time and effort on logging calls and adding contacts manually. The result? Happier agents and customers.
call logging - journals - contacts
straightforward integration

Easy set-up and configuration

The setup and configuration of the Zoho and 3CX integration is a breeze. We’ve really worked on making the configuration fool-proof as well as the usability so you and your teams can hit the ground running and start reaping the benefits from day one.
call journaling

Call Journaling

call pop up


follow ups


add contacts

Contact Creation



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