Cliniko Integration for 3CX

Boost productivity with the 3CX and Cliniko Integration 

Transform Cliniko into
a communications tool

Mr VoIP offers a seamless Cliniko integration with 3CX. Watch your agents’ productivity as well as your patients’ satisfaction rates skyrocket by automating manual tasks from one centralized location. Enable your team to respond to patients’ needs faster and without the manual hassle. 

Match Caller ID to Patient’s Record

This Cliniko integration for 3CX saves time and boosts productivity. Agents no longer need to switch between their Cliniko and 3CX interface to manage calls and see patient records. When an incoming call occurs the caller ID is automatically matched to a patient’s record in Cliniko and if no record is found a new one is created.  

call logging - journals - contacts
straightforward integration

Automatic Call Recording

Call recordings are automatically saved and new cases are created within Cliniko under the patient’s record. Therefore, no matter who the patient speaks to the next time they call a clear communications history is accessible for all agents of the system without the need to add call logs manually.  

call journaling

Call Journaling

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follow ups


add contacts

Contact Creation



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