Call Recording​

  • Open your 3CX Client and click on Settings/Advanced Settings/Behavior.
call recording settings
call recording behavior settings
  • In the Behavior Panel follow the steps as shown below: 
  1. Focus: Select Checkbox 
  2.  Select Blind transfer as per 
  3. External Application: Select Checkbox. 
  4. Choose your Browser e.g. Internet Explorer from the installed location (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\InternetExplorer\iexplore.exe) 
  5.  Parameter to send: Copy paste this url: 
    Note: You should replace the did number (red color text) with your client Extension number for each individual machine. 
  6.  Select Notify when as Connected 
  7.  Click Ok 
  • Open Internet Explorer Go to Tools > Internet Options > and click the Tabs button (Shown here) 
  • In the Tabbed Browsing section, you need to uncheck “Warn me when closing multiple tabs”, it’s the first option, and then OK. 
  • After attending the inbound call, click the record button and a popup window will appear. 
  1. If you want to record the specific call, enter the PIN number (e.g: PIN256489556) and click the Record button. 
  2.  If you don’t need to record the call, click the cancel button. 
  3. Once the call is completed you can find the recording in the specified folder, e.g. D:\CRM_Recordings. 


call recording internet options