Agent Rating

Use Case 1

Our client TAFEP promotes the adoption of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices amongst employers, employees and the general public of Singapore. 

With the combination of 3CX and Mr. VoIP’s Agent Rating tool they were able to achieve a fair rating system for their agents. TAFEP’s mission is to be fair to all employees making the agent rating tool a major player in understanding their agent’s performance in real-time. 

Call Flow Details 

Upon concluding a phone call with an agent, the customer is transferred to the rating system. Once transferred the system plays a greeting and asks the customer to rate the agent. Based on the customer’s input the system recognizes and stores their entry. 


Call Flow Diagram

call flow diagram customer call in

Report Portal 

From within the report portal the supervisor is able to view the call reports. Once logged-in they can view the rating details submitted by the customers. Below you can see the login screen for the report portal. 

mconnect login

Menu Options 

Below are the menu options which are provided based on the call center’s requirements. This menu can be customized, according to the call center’s needs. 

agent rating on settings

Survey Report Page 

From the survey report page, you can review all the rated call details along with the agent’s name to further analyze the agent’s performance. From the search option you can filter the results according to the date from and the agent’s name. 

agent rating filters

Survey Summary 

From the survey summary page, you can view a summary of all rating values as well as the quality of the calls in percentage. You can analyze the ratings using the search function. 

agent rating survey summary

Agent Map 

You can assign an agent’s name based on the extension number that is transferred to for the rating system. The agent’s name is shown in the report page. This page is managed by the system administrator.

agent rating map

Use Case 2

Direct Selling News, an American-based company, situated in Texas is the sixth largest channel news coverage agency in the world, with a wholesale volume of US$3.7 billion.   

Their Malaysian office uses 3CX on-premise in combination with Mr. VoIP’s agent rating system and web applications. Our tools allowed the call center’s supervisors and management to better understand agent performance during their day-today tasks. 

Call flow details 

Once the phone call between the agent and the customer is concluded, the customer is transferred to the rating system. The system then plays a greeting message and asks the customer to select their preferred language. The call is then routed according to their selection. They are then asked to rate the agent and the system stores their entry. 

Copy to clipboard 

The copy to clipboard function, copies the customer’s number to the agent’s clipboard and allows them to easily retrieve the customer’s information in the CRM system. 

Call flow diagram 

call flow diagram