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Imagine having a personalized wallboard displaying timely data of your ticketing system, CRM, website contents, videos or just about any other information you may need in one place. You can have it all now with MRVOIP wallboard customization features.

Having a custom wallboard is particularly useful to contact centre agents, supervisors and managers. The convenience of knowing the number of calls in the queue, call priority and how long a call has been placed on hold in real time has been proven to improve any contact centre performance.

The benefit of having this visual communication tool configured based on team or group based will ensure only the most useful data shown at all times. For example, a contact centre manager’s wallboard will display all real time data that is different from the data shown on the large display screen to agents. Colour coding also plays a major role in differentiating agents and contact centre teams performance.

You can also choose to configure it to be displayed at agents desktop, accessible through web browsers using mobile devices remotely or on a large plasma screen right in the heart of your contact centre.

Take charge of your wallboards today to ensure you are only creating a wallboard that displays key metrics and targets that are achievable and actionable.

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Custom Wallboard 1

3cx wallboard customisation mrvoip

Custom Wallboard 2

3cx wallboard customisation mrvoip

Custom Wallboard 3

3cx wallboard customisation mrvoip

Custom Wallboard 4

3cx wallboard customisation mrvoip

Custom Wallboard 5

3cx wallboard customisation mrvoip

Custom Wallboard 6

3cx wallboard customisation mrvoip

3CX – Real – Time Dashboard

Real – Time – Calculation / Definitions
Field Name Display Format Calculation / Definitions
Skill Name Text Name of the Queue/Skill
Calls In Queue Numeric Total Number Of Calls in Queue
Oldest Q Call [HH:MM:SS] Total time that this call is in queue
Agent Staffed Numeric Total Agents Logged
Staff Available Numeric Total Agents ready to answer calls
Staff on ACD Numeric Total Agents on call
Offered Calls Numeric Total Calls Offered
ACD Calls Numeric Total Calls Answered
Service Level % Calls Answered in SL Threshold / (Calls Offered – Abandoned with in SL Threshold)
ACD Calls in SL Numeric Total Calls Answered with in Threshold
Aban Calls Numeric Total Calls abandoned after coming to queue
Aban Calls out of SL Numeric Total Number of calls abandoned after coming defined Seconds
  • Above image indicates the required basic Real-Time monitoring parameters in a ACD Dashboard.
  • We could not find the parameters highlighted in Orange Background or those are massing in 3CX Dashboard.
  • Without the above fields, monitoring/measuring the call center performance is challenging for operations team.
  • Since the above crucial parameters are missing from 3CX Dashboard, the recovery of lost KPIs is a tedious process operatcins team.
  • The alternate solution is to export the raw data from 3CX often, and populate in an excel template to find out the usual performance, of the call center and take necessary actions in case the targets / KPIs were not met.

Real-Time Monitoring View (Sample)

Statistics by Queue / Skill
Country Calls In Queue Staff Avail Staff on ACD Agent Staffed Offered Call ACD Calls SL % 70:30 ACD Calls in SL Total Abondoned Calls Abondoned >30 seconds Avg. Hold Avg. Talk Avg. Handle Time
Summary 2 2 0 2 4 1 100% 3 0 0 12 12 12
Queue / Skill 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 100% 2 0 0 12 12 12
Queue / Skill 2 1 1 0 1 1 1 100% 1 0 0 12 12 12


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