3cx add edit delete extension contact mrvoip

Add, Edit, Delete Extension & Contact

MRVOIP platform provides reliable Add, Edit, Delete account via HTTP API functions to help your organisation add, edit, delete extensions with just one touch. Forget about doing multiple updates on CRM, telephone directory and your PBX.

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Custom Softphone

The incredibly fast rise of multiple applications of the VoIP, which allow the use of the smart call management system protocol without purchasing additional hardware, has been touted to revolutionize the communications industry.

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Call Recording

MRVOIP platform provides reliable Call Recording via HTTP API function to enable organisation to get individual copies of call recording saved directly to CRM from the 3CX server. The voice recording file can be renamed as per your need and saved in any locations preferred for future use.

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3cx agent rating mrvoip

Agent Rating

When a customer is unhappy, they’d want to give feedback. MRVOIP very own agent post rating application lets them vent out their frustrations directly to you (luckily not to social media) giving you enough time to recover from the damage done and quickly resolve the issues at hand.

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3cx cti webrtc mrvoip


MRVOIP CTI & WebRTC is an essential feature that allows connection of the telephone system to the computers/servers based on certain parameters stored in the customer databases using the caller ID (CLI) or automatic number identification (ANI) functions.

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3cx billing solution mrvoip

Billing Solution

Thrive into the digital economy wonderland with MRVOIP billing software and let us take care of the behind the scene issues when it comes to issuing that important purchase orders, invoices and delivery orders to your customers. You can have it anyway that you want; from the simplest to the most complex billing process, our billing platform will provide an all-inclusive solution for any industry because it is very easy to use and implement.

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mrvoip wallboard customization

Wallboard Customization

Imagine having a personalized wallboard displaying timely data of your ticketing system, CRM, website contents, videos or just about any other information you may need in one place. You can have it all now with MRVOIP wallboard customization features.

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3cx prdective dialler mrvoip

Predictive Dialler

MRVOIP Predictive Dialler app is a scalable solution that works for all business sizes and includes reporting analytics. Since the predictive dialler works through cloud integration, so your software will be automatically updated to ensure you get real time data. In that way, you can monitor your rep behaviour and implement improvement strategies with built-in analytics and reporting.

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3cx custom crm integration mrvoip

Custom CRM Integration

MRVOIP Custom CRM allows business of any size to build and deliver a new in house CRM based on the exact requirements wanted on time and on budget. Custom CRM comes with the ability to expand at any time as new needs are recognized, without having to completely dismantle existing workflows. The customized CRM also allows integration with other solutions and in-house software to provide a harmonized integration across multiple departments.

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3cx custom reporting mrvoip

Custom Reporting

Get helpful reports to drive accountability and track ROI benefits with MRVOIP custom reporting that caters just the right metrics at the right time providing global visibility of the environment of your organisation is currently in.

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3cx call flow designer mrvoip

Call Flow Designer

With the 3CX Call Flow Designer (CFD) you can easily create complex call flows and voice applications visually – without programming or scripting. For example, query a caller…

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3cx custom development mrvoip

Custom Development

If you are looking for 3CX experts, you have come to the right place. Our technology connects via platforms as well as cloud management. We thrive on technology, have a passion for creativity, and simply love what we do! Mr.VoIP was developed keeping in mind that our solutions work on both, the Cloud and on permits of the 3CX Platform. We also break borders and work on Windows and Linux debian platforms.

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WebRTC Dialer

Mr.VoIP Odoo WebRTC dialer is a CRM embedded tool that enables users to dial in and out directly from their web platform. There is no need for locally installed clients or special development, helping managers and IT directors in saving a huge amount of time from the setup perspective. The users’ experience is much increased by the simplicity and transparency, with no need to learn to use multiple platforms.

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