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MRVOIP CTI & WebRTC is an essential feature that allows connection of the telephone system to the computers/servers based on certain parameters stored in the customer databases using the caller ID (CLI) or automatic number identification (ANI) functions.

With the advent of automatic call distribution, computer telephony integration (CTI) quickly became a popular implementation among organisations that is always looking at improving the efficiency of their call centre agents and sales department. Gone are the days where organisations are required to install expensive devices on premise that is not cost efficient. MRVOIP CTI & WebRTC can be easily deployed and managed in the cloud.

CTI removes the hassle of manual dialling, which is cumbersome and wastes time. Not only that, it also increases the use of CRM by the automatic logging and tracking of incoming calls making it easier to review calls and sales activities to increase the performance of the organisation.

WebRTC initiates the user to communicate directly from the web browser by using just the internet as the communication media hence other traditional communication unit such as PBX becomes obsolete. Users can expect a seamless voice, video and data sent from within a browser to another recipient’s browser in real time without having to use plug-ins or webcam devices.

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