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MRVOIP platform provides reliable Call Recording via HTTP API function to enable organisation to get individual copies of call recording saved directly to CRM from the 3CX server. The voice recording file can be renamed as per your need and saved in any locations preferred for future use.

Call recording via HTTP API is scoped to an individual call or conference call giving you the freedom to navigate directly from a call to recordings generated from that call with enforced security.

The best part of this entire feature is that you can integrate it to be fitted to your existing CRM for future reference when you would like to learn about the customer’s activities for review.

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Call recording serves an important function in the 3CX service model because it provides opportunities to refer to old calls in the future. Our 3CX HTTP API comes with a call recording function that allows you to keep timely and easy-to-refer call details and configure various settings on your 3CX system.

Our enterprise edition of Mrvoip for 3CX clients goes beyond the standard call recording manager. We provide you with all the opportunities to manage, search, download, play, compress, archive, delete, and export you call records through just one easy-to-use portal. From better speed to superior call quality, managed disk space to MP3 file download option, Mrvoip is packed with a range of benefits.

1) Open 3CX Client and click Settings (Shown in below Fig: )

3cx call recording 1 mrvoip

2) Click Advanced Settings (Shown in below Fig: )

3cx call recording 2 mrvoip

3) Click Behavior (Shown in below Fig: )

3cx call recording 3 mrvoip

4) In Behavior Panel follow the steps as per number shown below:

3cx call recording 4 mrvoip

  • 1. Focus: Select Checkbox as per (Shown in below Fig: )
  • 2. Select Blind transfer as per (Shown in below Fig: )
  • 3. External Application: Select Checkbox as shown in fig.
  • 4. Choose your Browser e.g. Internet Explorer from the installed location (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Interne Explorer\iexplore.exe)
  • 5. Parameter to send: Copy paste the below url:
    Note: You should change the did number(red color text) as per client Extension number for individual machine.
  • 6. Select Notify when as Connected
  • 7. Click Ok button

5) Open Internet Explorer Go to Tools > Internet Options > Click Tabs button (Shown in below Fig)

3cx call recording 5 mrvoip

6) In Tabbed Browsing part, you need to un check the marked location and click OK button shown in Shown in below Fig:

3cx call recording 6 mrvoip

7) After attending the inbound call, A the popup window opens as shown in fig: )

1 If you want to record the specific call you can enter the Pin number (e.g: PIN256489556) and click 2 Record button as shown in fig: ).

3 If you don’t need to record the call, click cancel button to cancel button the recording as shown in the below fig: )

3cx call recording 7 mrvoip

8) After call ends you can see the record file on the specific location that you have mentioned D:\CRM_Recordings


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